Application Process

Required information

In order for The Mickel Fund to consider your application for funding, please make sure you have answered all of the following questions and uploaded all the information required before submitting your application.

NB: If you do not include all of the following information your application may not be processed or it may take longer to process. 

  • What is the specific aim or purpose of your organisation or project?
  • Have you applied to us before? - If yes, what was the outcome?
  • If successful, what was the amount received?
  • What is your organisation’s principal mission or vision?
  • Describe in more detail the specific project and the intended purpose of the funds.
  • Have you applied to other sources, including trusts, for this particular project or funding bid?
  • What other statutory and voluntary organisation do you have links with, if any?
  • Roughly what % of each £ you receive will go to your project or core activity?
  • When do you need the funds?
  • When do you expect your project to be completed? (if applicable)
  • What other organisations, if any, have already provided support?
  • Give up to 3 key outcomes by which you will measure the success of your project 

You will need to submit with your application a copy of your most recent audited annual report and accounts or, if you are just starting up, we can accept a copy of your most recent bank statement or monthly accounts. 

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, and can provide all the information detailed above, click to proceed to the Mickel Fund application form….