The Mickel Fund

A Family Owned Scottish Charity


The Mickel Fund is a Registered Scottish Charitable Trust, founded by Douglas W Mickel in the 1970s, with the sole purpose of improving the lives of others through charitable donations in and around Scotland, and where possible on a global scale.


Founded in 1970, the Mickel Fund, as a funding body, has grown considerably and now donates to a number of different charities every year. The Mickel Fund donations go a long way in helping to improve the services these funded charities provide and in improving the lives of those whom they help. The Mickel Fund donates the majority percentage of funding to Local Scottish Charities and a percentage to National, International and Global Charity appeals, as well as eligible individuals through the Hardship Donation Scheme.

Hearts and Minds


Over the last 18 months the Elderflowers have been working regularly with Mary who has Alzheimer’s disease. The deterioration in her condition has been less marked than that of other members in her group and the challenge has been for the Elderflowers to find ways to keep developing activities with her, to boost her self-confidence and to encourage her to stay connected to the group.

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